RAKKU (ラック) - Wearable bag (着るバッグ) -

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What is RAKKU?

"Work freely, fun, and easy."

This project was launched to realize such a work style.

Commuting to work every day on a crowded train is mentally and physically draining.
Workers who have to get to work despite heavy snowfall or typhoons.
Work in a hot and humid summer while wearing a tie and leather shoes and feeling uncomfortable.

Are these things really necessary?
Some jobs may be necessary, but there must be many jobs that are not necessary.

We thought that if these were eliminated, work performance would improve and everyone would be happy.
But what can we do to change this?

The RAKKU project began with serious consideration of such questions.

Of course, it would be difficult to change everything at once. But if we start with small things, we can eventually make a big change.

For example, "I don't have plans to meet with my client today, so I'll change my work clothes to something more comfortable," or "I'll work on the terrace of a cafe when the weather is nice," etc.

Therefore, we have decided to provide goods, things and services that make small changes in work styles.

The first product is a "Wearable bag" that allows you to go to a café or co-working space empty-handed.

The Wearable Bag is a jacket-shaped bag that can hold a laptop, gadgets, tablet, and all cables. It is designed to look like a jacket even though it has almost the same storage capacity as a bag. If you wear this, you will no longer need a bag or backpack, allowing you to move around empty-handed. Since you are wearing the tools you need for work, your destination can quickly turn into your office anywhere.

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